• Pilates meets strength training and cardio for the ultimate booster workout

    Booster Pilates Megaformer-based classes use core-focused functional training in a highly effective, high-energy small class format for a full body workout – fast! Inspired by Pilates with the integration of cardio and strength training elements, this total body workout reshapes quickly, safely and is even fun!

    Our Zurich studios are the only one in Switzerland to offer this innovative and effective approach to full body conditioning that is taking the top studios in California, in the USA and the rest of the world by storm.

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  • Welcome to Booster [Pilates+] Zurich!


    We discovered the Lagree Fitness Method when we were living in London. We were both fitness enthusiasts, with Damien running marathons and Sandrine trying out anything from spinning, to Body Attack, Pilates to Xtend Barre. As we were both managing very busy professional and personal schedules, we were looking for a full-body workout that was fast, efficient, safe and fun. That’s when we discovered the Lagree Fitness workout.  
    It was simply amazing! Not only did it leave us felling energized, stronger and much more toned after each workout, but even after 5 years of practicing it, it was still very challenging and fun.
    When we moved to Zurich, we were so disappointed to see there was no such workout that we decided to bring the concept and the Megaformers to Zurich in our first studio in Kreis 4. As we always want to give our clients additional challenges to choose from, we introduced the [Cycle+] and [Barre+] workouts in the Studio Seefeld.

    We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

    Sandrine & Damien

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  • Save the hard work for the workout… the rest should be easy!


    At Booster [Pilates+], we do not charge joining fees or membership subscriptions, nor do we lock you in to lengthy contracts. We want you to have the flexibility to come and go when you want to.

    Every week, we have more than 100 group classes to choose from! Go to the class schedule, pick the studio that is the most convenient to you and sign up online to a class.

    Your first class is free. Then you can choose between different a variety of pricing options the one that best suits your fitness objectives or lifestyle.

    For our new clients, after your trial class, we encourage you to try our 1 month 'All You Can' Booster at CHF240, that will give you the opportunity to try out every type of classes we offer as often as you wish and as your body can during one month.

    Simply put, we aspire to make it easy for you to feel as strong, fit and healthy as possible.


  • The energy of a group class setting with the personal attention of a private training session.


    At Booster [Pilates+], training is done in small groups with a maximum of five people in the Studio Forum and eight people in the Studio Seefeld, and is led by an experienced certified instructor.


    You get the maximum attention, care and support while benefiting from the energy and price of a group class.


    We also throw in awesome music to get your endorphins really flowing!


  • About the [Pilates+Spin] class.

    Excellent, excellent and excellent. I really loved this combination. 30min Pilates and 20min Spin... My first workout with Marijana and what can I say? Another amazing coach...!!!
    Gaby, 04.09.15

  • 'Super friendly and great trainers'

    Booster is really great! The staff is super friendly and are great trainers. The location is really centric and Rachel, Lorraine and Marijana are amazing. They explain everything very well and make sure you are safe and comfortable with the machine! I love Booster!!!!!
    Pia, 05.09.14

  • I feel much stronger, have better balance and control of my body, and am getting more flexible.

    Once I started, I was amazed at how challenging and interesting the workouts were. I have also grown to appreciate how much the core muscles and comprehensive body training impact your overall performance for other sports too. I feel much stronger, have better balance and control of my body, and am getting more flexible.
    Michelle, 10.09.14

  • The coaches are amazingly skillful and motivational instructors.

    When you first start, they are so supportive and encouraging and they help build your fitness and confidence levels. Once you are more experienced, they are great at taking you to the next level also, so you never get bored and the workout is certainly never stale.
    Michelle, 10.09.14

  • I love Booster Pilates, but I love the team more!!! You guys are amazing ♥.
    Love xxx Blandine, 14.07.14

  • Those megaformers are mega-intimidating.

    But, the all-over body workout is a helluva lot less complex than I imagine – it emphasises slow, controlled movements which I like, with minimum rest between sets (not as bad as it sounds) to keep the heart rate up. Just when you think you can’t hold a move any longer Lorraine changes onto the next exercise with a smile and a “come on, you can do it”.
    Carole, 09.07.14

  • I'm not going to lie, it's all hard.

    But the kind of hard where you feel the hurt and know you've done your body proud. After eight sessions I can see my body changing and I am thrilled and look forward to see the results after the next eight sessions. I have finally found something apart from dancing I LOVE TO DO, Thanks Booster Team!
    Carole, 09.07.14

  • Just got my butt kicked and loved every minute,

    including the post-workout soreness! Keep up the great work with the new studio coming in June!
    Chris, 07.06.15

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