'Long, lean and graceful' from Booster Pilates coach Lorraine.

If you’re one of those women who wants a long, lean look similar to a dancer’s body. A combination of aerobic exercise, strength training and a low-fat eating plan won’t make you taller, but it can help you achieve a long, lean appearance.

The Lagree fitness Method focuses on slow and steady movements, using varying levels of resistance. The purpose is to stimulate the slow twitch muscle fibers and fire up your fat burning furnaces. As the muscle fatigues you start to work the fast twitch muscle fibers which develop lean muscle definition.

The Lagree Fitness method is a popular form of high intensity no impact workout that helps to strengthen and tone your muscles all over your body. It helps improve your posture, balance and flexibility. The workout also stimulates your metabolism to increase your resting metabolic rate for calorie burning even after you stop exercising.

Cardio and Strength Training.

You have to do both cardio for losing fat and strength training to build muscle if you want to achieve a long, lean look. Some women might shy away from strength training with the mistaken belief that lifting weights will give them bulky muscles. As you lose fat doing cardio, you need to balance your workout by doing muscle building exercises to preserve muscle mass. Building muscle also helps to burn even more calories since muscle burns calories even when you are not exercising. Lagree combines all elements of fitness, including cardio, resistance, balance, core and flexibility.

Lean not long.
Your muscles will not get longer no matter how much you exercise. When your bones stop growing, your muscles have reached their maximum length. While you cannot make your muscles longer, you can make your entire body appear longer. Exercise and diet can help you achieve a slimmer figure by burning fat and building lean muscle.

The slow and graceful actual movements focus on the precision of the execution, the posture, the alignment and the balance. Things you would not necessarily see in the weight room.

Resistance training has some proven benefits:
Improves muscle strength and tone
Weight management
Improves mobility and balance
Improves posture
Increased bone density and strength
Reduced body fat Boosted metabolism

Since I started coaching for Booster Pilates, my clients have not only noticed visible changes in their fat to muscle ratio, but an increase in their daily energy level as well! They just love a new workout that is effective and safe. If you’re consistent with your training you should start to see results within about six to eight weeks. More time will be necessary to see significant changes. It’s all about working at the correct intensity and frequently.

Lagree Fitness is the most innovative aggressive approach to full body conditioning. I teach the workout and I also participate in the classes. It’s addictive and the results are amazing!

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