Progress vs. Achievement, from Booster Pilates coach Rachel

Come boost with me!!!
This might sound strange, but meeting your personal fitness goals is NOT all about the end results! It's also about the progress that YOU personally, individually, are making along the way, and small victories accumulate over time! This can be difficult to remember, as we live in a society that is overly focused on 'achievements' and not necessarily HOW the results are reached. We often rush through life, thinking, what is the FASTEST, EASIEST, way to get what I want. Thinking this way is dangerous in many aspects of life but especially when it comes to fitness. Lifting too much weight, lifting too fast, running too far, in an effort to meet an unrealistic goal as soon as possible can cause injuries, sometimes setting you back further than when you started!

The article below highlights the success of training with slow, small gains, continuously improving so that you never have to stop; INSTEAD of training in an exhausting cycle of fast, hard, stop, repeat.

For me, training with the Lagree Fitness method on the Megaformer M3 is an exciting opportunity to train hard but safely, slowly but with control and intensity. Every exercise is a challenge, and slowly, but surely, you can feel yourself making progress, getting stronger, and becoming more flexible. You can challenge yourself to hold it just one second longer, sink one inch deeper, extend just a little bit further. You leave every class feeling BOOSTED and energized, knowing you took at least one hard earned step in the right direction. Once you start, you just can't stop!!!

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