We are very excited here as we are a few days from the opening of our 2nd studio in Seefeld on June 1st.  So here is a bit more information on what is waiting for you!

Our approach to fitness remains the same – we bring you the most efficient, innovative and fun workouts. So you will continue to find the Lagree Fitness method, our signature full body workout [Pilates+]. But we want to give you additional challenges to choose from and are therefore introducing a few add-ons:

[Spin+] which is simply the most advanced indoor cycling equipment and training program
[Barre+] which is a fusion of ballet movements and of our [Pilates+] workout that creates an energy-fueled total body workout and a different way to challenge your body!

With these new classes and workouts, we had to bring new talents and skills, and we have now 4 new coaches who will join Lorraine, Marijana and Rachel. Daniela, Miju and Tresor are very much looking forward to meeting you! All our coaches will teach classes in both Studio Forum and Studio Seefeld.

You will also discover a new easier way to book your classes. Check out the great new features below and the new class schedule from June 1st.

Last but not least, we are delighted to invite you on the 30/05 to come and discover the new studio, workouts and team. You will find all the details below.

If you have any question, please let us know!!

See you then.

Kind regards

Sandrine and Damien

Spacious, lots of natural light and a nice view on the lake!

Launch of Studio Seefeld, Sat. 30/05, 13h00 - 19h00, Seefeldstrasse 281, 8008 Zurich.


We really hope you can join us to say hello, visit the new studio, and try out one of the workouts: [Pilates+], [Spin+], [Barre+]. The afternoon will be rythmed with short trial sessions every 20-30 minutes.

To sign up to one of the sessions, just go to our class schedule here, go to the trial classes on the 30/05 and just click sign up. If you are not registered with us yet, you will be prompted to create your profile. 

If you just want to say hello, have some drinks or show a friend what its all about, please send us an email at hello@boosterpilates.ch with your names and an indicative time of your visit.

Delicious home made Juices and finger food will be provided by our friends from Wild Roots. They are a fresh young company preparing the launch of great range of healthy, sustainable and social conscious juices and plant based Superfoods.  You will be the very first to try their turmeric and red apple juice, lemon, mint, agave and chia lemonade or their fabulous edamame hummus dip (amongst many other healthy treats)!

A World Class Indoor Cycling Equipment and Program

The ICG indoor cycling equipment and program in Studio Seefeld is a key addition to our offer as it perfectly completes the benefits you get from the [Pilates+] workout and soon from the [Barre+] workout.  

With more than 40 classes per week, you will have many options to choose from:

- different types of formats (live coaching or virtual coaching),
- different durations (50 min, 30 min or 15 min Drills)
- combine our different classes – e.g. a 50' [Pilates+] class followed by a 30' [Spin+ Fast Class] with a virtual coach or a 30' [Pilates+] class followed by 20' HIIT indoor cycling, with a live coach.

Your first (virtual) class will be free and give you the opportunity to discover this new approach. You will be able to purchase these classes and book them online as you do today! Just to give you an idea, a 30’ [Spin+ Fast Class] will cost you CHF13.50 (within a pack of 20 classes), or you can use your loyalty points.

Catch a glimpse of the virtual indoor cycling virtual programs with these 2 short videos.

Ride with a master trainer, that will push you to your limits.

click here if you cannot view directly the video 

Cycle through high-definition virtual landscapes around the world.

click here if you cannot view directly the video 

Your booking experience made easier!

The new online booking system brings many improvements that will make your booking experience so easy - you will be able to:

•   use filters to find the best classes depending on day, time during the day, type of classes and instructors
•   move from one week to the other more easily or go directly to your desired date
•   purchase credits if you have ran out, in a few clicks without being redirected to our online shop.

Please note that the virtual indoor cycling class schedule will be uploaded in the next few days and that the 'afternoon@booster' class will now be called 'Pilates+ Happy Hour'.

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