How a Plank can transform you into a Booster Rockstar!


Between the 19th - 25th of September, every class was finishing with a plank. At the end of the week, the top 30 clients, who hold the longest plank have received a well deserved Booster Rockstar Top (Tank or T-shirt)!

The performances were amazing with lots of event during the week and an epic battle to take on the lead. Tanja finished in 1st position with an amazing performance. She held the plank on the Megaformer for 11 minutes!

Congrats to our Top 30 that held the plank for 3 min 40s and more and also to all of the clients that give it a go! You are all real Booster Rockstars!

Below are the detailed results.

We can't wait for another edition of this challenge!

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