You showed us an amazing support since we opened our studio nearly a year ago, and we wanted to offer you a a 'thank you' gift. This is the first of many surprises that will be announced in the coming weeks...

We have the chance to welcome Piper Michelle, Master Trainer at Lagree Fitness in May. You actually know her a little bit, as she is featured a lot on our website. Piper is an amazing coach, full of enthusiasm and energy!

She will be coaching a few 25 min classes on Thursday 7th of May from 19h00 to 21h00, on Friday 8th of May from 18h00 to 19h00  and on Saturday 9th of May from 10h30 to 11h30.

If you are interested  to join, just sign in as usual to one of Piper's classes (no credit will be taken from your account). Try to book as early as possible, first come, first served...

Please note that we will take a few pictures during those classes that may be used on our website and social media platforms. We assume that by joining those classes, you are happy with that. 

See you soon at the studio!
Kind regards,

Sandrine & Damien

P.S. The credit offered for Piper's class cannot be used for other classes.

Hi, I am Piper,

as a Master Trainer for Lagree Fitness , I have been so lucky to share my passion with students all over the world. I have gotten to share, what was once a Hollywood Workout, with dozens of studios all across the USA, in Germany, Sweden, Australia and now in Zurich!

I am really looking forward to meeting you soon! Expect to laugh, have fun, and work hard!!

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