When we launched Booster Pilates+ in June last year, we first wanted to share our love for one of the most effective, innovative and fun full body workouts. We are happy to hear that so many of you are taking great pleasure while working out so hard on our “Megaformers’.

Today, your encouragements, amazing feedback and kind words are showing us, that we are on the right track. We also have a long list of ideas to continue improving our services, and in a few weeks from now, we will be rolling some out.

We are very happy to announce the opening of a 2nd studio in Zurich Seefeld on June 1st. This new studio will provide more flexibility to book classes as we will now have more than 100 classes every week! The new schedule for both studios will be available in  one week from now on our website.

Studio Seefeld will also offer 2 new great workouts: Indoor-cycling and Barre! You will find a short description below and there will be more to come on our website. We have designed these programs so that they work in perfect synergy with our signature Booster Pilates+ workout.

We are also happy to announce that  Lorraine, Marijana and Rachel will be joined very soon by Beatrice, Daniela and Tresor, who will bring an extra dose of expertise, friendliness and energy!

Last but not least, please mark in your agenda Saturday May 30th from 13h00 for the launch of Studio Seefeld. We hope you will be able to join us in the new Studio to discover the new equipments, workouts, the whole Booster team and a few other surprises! The program and the official invitation will come soon!

See you then!

Kind regards

Sandrine and Damien

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