Your First Workout


How do I sign up for my first free trial?

We offer new clients the opportunity to try out a [Pilates+] or [Barre+] class for free

To book your free trial, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1 - Click on 'Schedule' in the menu and select one studio
2 - Sign up for a class,
3- Create your account,
4 -On the check out page, add the Trial Class to your cart and proceed to the check out.

Your first trial class is now booked, and you will receive an email that confirms your registration

Can I join any class? 

Most of our new students do just fine in the group classes, even without prior experience of Pilates. The workout is intense but the routine is kept simple to make sure everyone is using good form and the instructor adapts the exercises to the fitness levels of the students.

But if you wonder about your fitness level or feel like you would benefit from a less intense class to start, feel free to sign up to one of our 'First Time' class. This class covers the basics of our full body workout with a focus on the technique and postures. The pace is slightly slower, but do not worry, you will still sweat and shake! These classes take place in Studio Forum on Sundays at 12h30 and in Studio Seefeld on Saturdays at 12h00.

If you have chronic back pain, painful joints or a severe medical condition, please contact us at and we will advise you.

Are There Changing Rooms?

Studio Forum

You can use the Silhouette changing rooms with showers and lockers (please remember to bring with you a padlock). They are also on the 2nd floor on the left (opposite to the studio). We have also storage space in the studio. Please try to avoid leaving any items in the little corridor at the entrance of the studio.

Studio Seefeld
The studio has a women changing rooms with two showers, and a men changing room with one shower. We provide bath towels with a CHF 2 washing contribution. Please do not leave your belongings in the changing rooms. You can store them in the cube boxes in the studio.

What Clothes Should I Wear For The Workout?


Train in something that you feel comfortable in, we recommend normal gym wear (leggings, dry fit tops, well fitted, not too loose). We appreciate that you bring grip socks with you, such as Toesox. You can purchase a pair in our online shop and they will be ready for you to collect at the studio.

You should bring with you trainers or indoor cycling shoes (if you have some). Shoes are not allowed in the main studio room, thanks for putting your trainers when you are in the indoor cycling room. You would also need to bring a bottle of water and some earphones. We will provide you with a towel.

What Happens At The Start Of The Class?

The instructor will welcome you and will lead the way! Please remind the instructor at the start of the class if you have any injuries, so that he can adapt some exercises for you. The classes are in English. If you would need instructions in German, please book classes preferably with Marijana or Rachel.

For your first virtual indoor cycling class, you will be welcomed by Damien, the studio manager. Try to arrive 15 minutes before the class so that we can explain you how the equipment and the 'coach by color' system work, help you set up correctly your bike. At the end of the class, you will register your bike set up details, so that you are ready to go the next time!

What should I bring to class, and leave outside?

1. Most importantly, bring a positive attitude. Leave all your worries behind. The class is for you, so you need to be present in terms of mind when working out, so to maximize the benefits of the class.
2. The only thing you need to bring is comfortable workout clothes and preferably a pair of grip socks for [Pilates+] and some earphones, if you are attending a Virtual Indoor Cycling class
3. Do not exercise with an empty stomach. The workout will require some fuel! We recommend to have eaten something between 1 to 3 hours before the class
4. Jewelry is NOT a good idea. Your necklace may catch in the spring’s system, and you may forget it or lose it.
5. We ask that you switch off your cell phones during classes.


Other Helpful Information


How Do I Get To The Booster [Pilates+] Studios?

The Studio Forum is located on Badenerstrasse 120 in the premises of the Silhouette Fitness Club.
Enter the Silhouette reception and mention to the receptionist that you are attending a Booster [Pilates+] Class. Enter the door to the right of the reception desk and take the lift to the 2nd floor. The studio is just on your right. Please make sure to be in the studio a few minutes before your class starts. For your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes before.

Please note that the 4 parking spaces just next to the Silhouette Fitness Club are for Silhouette members only. There are quite a few white and blue parking spaces in the streets around.

The Studio Seefeld is located on the ground floor of the 281 Seefeldstrasse, 8008 Zurich, a few minutes walk from the Tiefenbruennen train and tram station.

How does the waitlist work?

If a class you’d like to take is full, we recommend putting yourself on the waitlist. If a spot opens up, you will be added to the class, and you will receive a confirmation email. If you change your mind or if it is too late for you to be able to attend the class, please remove yourself from the waiting list. You can remove yourself from the waitlist in ‘MY ACCOUNT’, that you can find on the top right of the group class schedule table.

If the session does not become available, the class will be credited back to your account for future use. 

How often should I take classes?

The [Pilates+] workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue at which point you need to rest. Depending on your fitness level, the intensity of your workout, you will need more or less time to recover. Two to three times a week is ideal to allow your body to properly recover and repair. Some students love the workout so much that they come four to five times a week. Our best advice is for you to listen to your body. You can obviously vary with a bit of Indoor Cycling or [Barre+]. The other factor to take into consideration is your aim and objectives. If you are looking for an effective and visible impact on your body shape and structure, two to three times a week is also ideal.

What if I can't come to class and I have already been confirmed? Will I be charged?

Yes, unless you can cancel online 6 hours before the start of the class. A strict 6-hour cancellation policy applies to all our classes.

We understand unforeseen circumstances arise, and we allow our clients with 3 'late cancellations' per year. You can check how this works here

As a matter of respect for the other clients and to make sure that the coach is informed, we really appreciate your cancellation online, if you cannot come.

Do I need to be a Silhouette Fitness Club Member to attend classes in Booster [Pilates+] Studio Forum?

No, our studio is hosted in the Silhouette Fitness Club premises, but you do not need to register with Silhouette.

Can I use the Silhouette gym equipment and facilities?

No, not unless you are also a member of the Silhouette Fitness Club. Booster [Pilates+] participants are entitled to use the Silhouette showers and changing rooms, they should however under no circumstances use the other equipment and facilities.

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