An evolutionary approach to full body conditioning.

The Lagree Fitness workout is a Reformer Pilates-inspired strength, cardio and core training program.

It combines the sculpting & toning benefits of strength training with the therapeutic qualities of Pilates into a high intensity, low impact 50-minute workout.


    The M3™ Megaformer machine represents a significant evolution of the traditional Pilates Reformer. It has been developed for ease of use, and to reduce the transition time between exercises.


    Your body seamlessly moves between each exercise, keeping your heart rate up, without the wear and tear on your joints and connective tissue like other popular high intensity workouts.  It is through this seamless transition that your body is able to achieve an intensive cardiovascular workout.



    The M3™ Megaformer leverages a system of springs & pulleys that builds resistance and counter-resistance and enables you to move slowly and smoothly avoiding forceful or explosive movements that can cause injury on your muscles and joints.


    Your body gains balance and increases coordination while also engaging multiple muscles, giving your body the opportunity to burn more calories, tone up and lose inches faster.


    Your spine stays protected, your mind engaged and your body pushed to its limits. 



    M3™ provides many more exercise options than a traditional Reformer, with close to 1000 exercises.


    You will never do the same routine twice, get bored or plateau. Your muscles will be kept guessing, meaning you can always expect 50 minutes of dynamic, high intensity training, optimizing results in the shortest possible timeframe.




    Booster Classes are proposing the Lagree Fitness workout.

    All your muscle groups (core, lower and upper body) will be strengthened, from big to small, in a non-aggressive, no-impact manner making this workout as good for your muscles as it is for your joints.

    Every class is different, and you will never have the same routine twice.

    All fitness levels welcome. The coach will adapt the type of exercises and their intensity to your capabilities.



    (50 mn group classes)


    Booster Light 

    This class is recommended for first time clients or those looking for a slower paced class.

    Most 'first timers' are doing good in a regular class, but you may wonder about your fitness level or feel like you would benefit from a less intense class, then this class is for you! The 'First Time' class covers the basics of our full body workout with a focus on the technique and postures. The pace is slightly slower, but do not worry, you will still sweat and shake!

    Duration: 50 minutes

    When: on Sunday at 12h30 in Studio Forum and on Saturday at 12h00 in Studio Seefeld.



    (50 mn group classes)


    Mega Booster

    Enter the "no break zone." This 50 minute, high-intensity, continuous flow class is not easy. Choreographed to the beat of the music, your muscles are guaranteed to be shaking after the first song. You should have completed a minimum of 20 regular classes and have a good overall level of fitness and inner strength! 

    Advanced level. Early morning and late evening classes (music levels are be a bit higher than usual)



    (50 mn group classes)


    Booster Stretch

    Stretch and lengthen in this 50 minute, candlelight flow class. This class incorporates stretches on and off the machine and is designed to re-energize your muscles after a week of intense work, but also to further improve your performance enabling your muscles to work more effectively.



    (50 mn group classes)