Hope you had a great weekend. The weather has been so great these last few days!!

We just wanted to let you know that we have updated our website so that you can find all the information regarding the new Seefeld Studio and its new workouts.

It is also our birthday, Booster [Pilates+] is celebrating its 1rst year, and we take this opportunity to offer you a few gifts that are described below!

And also thank you to all of you who have already visited the Seefeld Studio. We really appreciate your nice feedback.

As always, any question, please let us know.

See you soon.

Kind regards

Sandrine and Damien


We have taken the opportunity of the Seefeld Studio launch to also refresh our website.

You will find there a few design changes but most importantly:

1- the description of the 2 new workouts offered in the Seefeld Studio : [Spin+] and [Barre+] in the WORKOUTS section.

2- the prices of these 2 new workouts:
  • [Barre+] and [Pilates+Spin]  have the same price as the [Pilates+] classes and you can use your usual class credits to sign up for these classes
  • [Spin+], our new virtual coaching Indoor Cycling classes have a specific pricing. You can for example attend a 50 min. virtual Indoor Cycling class from CHF 19, and a 30 min. class from CHF 13.5
  • we have also introduced a 'Students' class price. Students can attend our 50 min. group classes for CHF 33 during weekdays before 17h00.

In a couple of days, our Loyalty Booster program will also be updated. You will see that you will now be able to use your points to earn [Spin+] classes. You can for example earn a [Spin+] 50 min. group class for only 20 points.

3- the way to book and purchase classes has been simplified

To book a class, just click on 'book a class', you will be directed to the class schedule and sign up for a class (use the filters at the top of the table to narrow down the classes option per studio or type of classes).

If you do not have credits any more, the booking system will prompt you with the available class packages available.

From now on, you will not be redirected anymore to our online shop, except to purchase a pair of Toesox or to offer or redeem a gift card.

Booster [Pilates+] Birthday Gifts for You!

To celebrate our first year, we are happy to offer you these little gifts!

1st - The must have fashion item on the Badi!

An awesome cotton bag to make an impact wherever you go...
You can get this bag after your next class in Studio Forum or Studio Seefeld

2nd - A [Spin+] Trial Class


Discover a new great workout and immersive video experience with one of the most recognised Indoor Cycling coaches: Mike Michels.

Sign up for any of our virtual Indoor Cycling class: [Spin+] (50 minutes) or [Spin+ Fast Class] (30 minutes) and a free trial class will be offered to you.

3rd - Receive 100 Loyalty points with our 'Refer a Friend' challenge

To thank you for helping us spreading the word around our new Studio Seefeld, we will credit your Booster Loyalty account with 100 loyalty points. 100 points can be redeemed for example against a [Pilates+] or [Barre+] class or against 5 [Spin+] classes.

How it works?

1. Go to our 'Reward Program' platform (and sign up if not done yet)

2. Invite 5 friends through 'the refer a friend' function.

3. A few hours later, your loyalty account will be credited with 100 points.

See below the terms and conditions and an example of a pre-drafted email if you want to save time or get inspiration from.

Terms and Conditions, the 'Friendly' Challenge

- offer valid in June 2015.
- to participate you should have an account with Booster [Pilates+].
- your invited friends should be living in the canton of Zurich.
- to qualify, emails to your friends need to be sent from the Booster Pilates Reward Platform on Perkville.
- your points will be credited after you have sent your invitation, even if your friends do not visit Booster [Pilates+].
- you can invite more than 5 friends but in any case the maximum points awarded will be 100.
- if your friends are visiting and becoming clients (i.e. purchase of a regular class package), you will also receive the usual additional 100 points per referral.

Example of a pre-drafted email you can use 

Dear xxx,

Booster [Pilates+] has now opened a 2nd studio in Seefeld. The studio is really nice, and on top of their great [Pilates+] full body workout, they have introduced Indoor Cycling and Barre workouts.
They are running a promotion in June for the opening of their studio in Seefeld. You can get two group classes for free. Check their 'Prices and Offers' page or send them an email at hello@boosterpilates.ch

If you are interested, let me know, we could go together?

Kind regards,


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