Maximise the impact of your workouts with professional nutritional support.



shutterstock_147881561You all know that healthy eating and physical activity go hand in hand. But, we also know that this is not easy to put into practice.

With healthy eating habits, you could boost even more the impact of your workouts and significantly reduce the time to achieve your fitness goals.

With a little support, you'll find that eating healthy isn't that hard, and you can know with confidence what would be the ideal diet whether you want to increase your muscular strength, lose a few extra kilos, boost your energy level, or simply feel healthier.

The challenge has been designed in partnership with Stefanie Weber (, a great nutritionist that will be your nutritional coach during the challenge.

Booster [Pilates+] will support your participation to this challenge by offering you 2 classes (on top of the free classes you can get with the loyalty program).




What can you expect?

In the first edition of this challenge, the participants not only increased their strength, but also felt leaner. The top 3 participants lost in average 6% of their weight over the course of 30 classes, while following their nutritional plan.

To get a better idea of what to expect, take a look at Camille and Sylvia's take on their experience with the 'Health Boost Challenge'.


Camille's experience

The Healthy Boost challenge was a great experience for me to get fit before Summer time. I was really motivated and I pushed myself to such limits regarding both healthy food and my Booster [Pilates+] training program. I trained 2 and sometimes 3 times per week and I really developed my muscles. I’m now completely addicted to Booster [Pilates+] :-)

Stefanie Weber from Grazilis is such a nice person who helped me reply to all the questions I had during the challenge. Honestly, I was never hungry, I just modified my eating habits. 

I recommend Booster [Pilates+] if you want to lose weight and get a nice silhouette and Grazilis if you need a nutrition coach! 

Good luck to all of those who will take part in the next challenge ! :-)

Sylvia's experience

For quite a while, I wanted to go to a nutritionist to learn if my body was doing well, how much should I eat and how this could be combined with my practice of sport. - I also had the desire to lose a bit of weight.

When this challenge was described to me by Booster [Pilates+], I signed up for it without hesitation. I wanted to:

1. better understand my currrent nutrition
2. lose weight under professional supervision and advice
3. have more energy for sport and life

Stefanie has been able to describe me very well what foods do good for my body and what is necessary for burning fat and give the body enough energy anyway. Based on the very good and nice advice from Stefanie and the information material with diverse menu examples, it was easy for me to switch my diet. The aim was to make carbohydrate 'bombs' such as potatoes, pasta and so away, in order to reduce the calory intake and give the body the chance to burn fat.

In the first two weeks I found it challenging to renounce and to accustom the body to it. But over time it became easier and I started to really feel more energised and overall good about myself!  But changing my eating habits was not all,  there were also the regular visits to Booster [Pilates+]! Thanks to the workout, my body changed a lot, my muscles build up and my silhouette was looking more defined, to the point that my friends noticed it and gave me great feedback!

After the three months, Stefanie told me that I had lost nearly five kilograms.

My overall take on the Challenge is that you can lose weight healthily with only small changes to the diet combined with regular exercise! I will now maintain this diet and have already settled the next date for further measurements with Stefanie. I really recommend anyone who wants to lose weight or just want eat healthy to participate in this Booster [Pilates+] program!

The challenge:

1- Dedication

  • 25 Booster [Pilates+] classes in 10 weeks (2.5 classes per week)

2- Nutrition

  • nutritional guidelines
  • meal plans and ideas
  • individual food quantities

3- Support

  • 1 nutrition counseling appointment at the start of the challenge, including 1 body composition analysis.
  • 1 appointment after 5 weeks to review progress
  • 1 appointment after 10 weeks to measure results, with a post challenge body composition analysis

Nota: please avoid to practice sport activities at least 2 days before your appointments. It will help to get accurate body composition analysis.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the nutritional support as described above is 310 Fr (vs normal price of 390 Fr).

Booster [Pilates+] will support your participation to this challenge by offering you 2 classes (on top of the free classes you can get with the loyalty program).


Stefanie Webber, nutritionist at

Good to know.

Starting the challenge
  • Send an email to to indicate your wish to participate.
  • Take an appointment with Stefanie Weber for your first body analysis and your nutritional counselling (, 044 431 43 43, Forchstrasse 92, 8008 Zurich)
  • The payment of the nutritional support should be made directly to Grazilis.

Receiving your 2 free classes
  • Upon your registration to the challenge, Booster [Pilates+] will credit your loyalty account with 200 loyalty points (worth 2 [Pilates+] classes)
  • The challenge is conditioned upon taking 25 classes within 8 weeks, if you do not fufill this condition, Booster [Pilates+] will be entitled to take back those loyalty points.

Data analysis and privacy
  • All personal data (based on body measurement analysis) will remain confidential
  • The personal data will be kept by Stefanie Weber exclusively.
  • Booster [Pilates+] may perform an analysis on the overall impact of the challenge on an aggregated level. This analysis may also be communicated externally in the media (on an anonymous basis).
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