Booster Pilates has partnered with Perkville to offer you an easy way to earn free classes for referring friends or posting about Booster [Pilates+] on Google, Facebook or Twitter.

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How to earn REFERRAL points?


   Points earned
  Referring a friend

Referral points will be credited once your friend has attended a Booster [Pilates+] class (except the free trial class, and the classes from the intro pack).
To be valid, you should invite your friend through the 'Refer a friend' function in Perkville. Make sure the email address you use in Perkville is the same as the email address your friend uses to sign up with Booster Pilates+.

  Writing a review on Google

Share your experience about Booster on Google. Write a review for Studio Forum or for Studio Seefeld and send an email at damien@boosterpilates.ch to inform us. Limited to one review per client.

Posting on Twitter

Connect your Twitter account in Perkville. Limited to one post per class attended.



The Loyalty Rewards

one [PILATES+], [BARRE+] or [PILATES+CYCLE]  50 min. class 100
one [SPIN+] 50 min. virtual class 20
one [SPIN+FAST CLASS] 30 min. virtual class 12
one [PILATES+] or [BARRE+] 50 min. class
100 Points
one [PILATES+BLAST] 25 min. class
60 Points
one [PILATES+PRIVATE] 50 min. class
200 Points
[SPIN+] 50 min. virtual class                   
20 Points
[SPIN+FAST CLASS] 30 min. virtual class
12 Points

How to redeem rewards?

  1. Access your Perkville account
  2. Choose your reward and redeem
  3. Your free class is automatically placed in your Booster Pilates+ account and is ready to be booked
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