Booster Pilates is coming soon!

Experience one of the most thrilling and rewarding full body workouts.

We bring you the technology and the energy to boost your fitness and

well-being to a whole new level.

Pilates meets strength training and cardio for the ultimate booster workout.


Booster Pilates Megaformer-based classes use core-focused functional training in a highly effective, high-energy small class format for a full body workout – fast! Inspired by Pilates with the integration of cardio and strength training elements, this total body workout reshapes quickly, safely and is even fun!


Our Zurich studio is the only one in Switzerland to offer this innovative and effective approach to full body conditioning that is taking the top studios in California, in the USA and the rest of the world by storm.


  • We are pleased to invite you to our launch event!


    Experience the Booster Pilates workout before anyone with Sebastien Lagree, the creator of the workout, and the Booster Pilates team.


    Register to a 20 minutes mini-session by clicking here. Choose a session with a Booster Pilates coach or with Sebastien Lagree. First Come, First Serve (52 places available in total)!


    Do you just want to see how it looks like, have a look at the studio and meet with the team, please register here


    We are looking forward to seeing you on the 24/05 and we will send you an email with further details.










  • An evolutionary approach to full body conditioning.



    Sebastien Lagree is one of Los Angeles's most popular fitness coaches. Over the last 15 years, with the support of physiologists, sport therapists and designers, he has developed a unique approach and a new type of training tool called The Megaformer ™ and the associated Lagree Fitness method.


    By incorporating the key principles of Pilates and blending them with muscle dynamics, Sebastien developed an evolutionary new approach to full body conditioning.


    The Lagree Fitness method is now available in over 200 studios all over the world and from the 02/06 in Switzerland in Zurich at Booster Pilates.


    the lagree fitness method


  • Welcome to Booster Pilates Zurich! 


    I discovered Lagree Fitness when I was living in London. I had done traditional Pilates both on mat and reformer, and although I found it to have great benefits, it was a bit boring and not cardio enough for me. I also had been a regular gym member, but was looking to shake up my routine. I also needed a full body workout that was quick as I was balancing a busy professional life as well as enjoying the chance to be a mother. I decided to give it a try.


    It was simply great! I felt energized, much stronger and much more toned after each workout. I then converted my husband and many friends with different fitness levels, one of which had serious back issues. Because her core and body in general was much stronger, it helped her to get back to a pain free back.  


    When I moved to Zurich, I was so disappointed to see there was no such workout that I decided to bring it here. With the help of our great team of coaches, we hope we can help you to get amazing results.  See you at the studio soon!


    Reach me anytime at           

    Sandrine, founder of Booster Pilates

  • The energy of a group class setting with the personal attention of a private training session.


    At Booster Pilates, training is done in small groups with a maximum of five people, and is led by an experienced certified instructor.


    You get the maximum attention, care and support while benefiting from the energy and price of a group class.


    We also throw in awesome music to get your endorphins really flowing!



  • Try it… Your body will thank you for it.


    • Your first session is free. No commitments, no payment information asked.

    • Then determine your best class rhythm with a special intro package: 4 classes for only CHF 100 (valid 14 days).

    • Book the special intro package before 02/06 and you will receive a pair of Toesox.



  • You can expect great results if you are…


    • Between 18-75 years old.

    • Recovering from an injury and need a no-impact workout.

    • Looking for some help to tone up.

    • A new mum looking to regain your pre-pregnancy figure

    • An accomplished athlete and are looking for an effective cross fit activity.

    • A man (or a woman) who has always overlooked or been intimidated by group fitness classes.

    • At a plateau with your current fitness level and need a new challenge.

    • Very busy, and don’t have time to spend hours working out to achieve results.

    • Wonder what your body would look like at its very best.



  • Save the hard work for the workout… the rest should be easy!


    At Booster Pilates, we do not charge joining fees or membership subscriptions, nor do we lock you in to lengthy contracts. We want you to have the flexibility to come and go when you want to.


    Choose from the 53 group classes each week, which start at just CHF 33.


    Simply put, we aspire to make it easy for you to feel as strong, fit and healthy as possible.




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