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“Keep calm and check your balance!”

Giulia started to dance as a child and then turned her passion in her work. She has a solid Education in Ballet, Modern-Jazz and Contemporary dance.
Her profession allowed her to travel to many countries, she performed in Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, and now Switzerland where she is actually collaborating as a Dance Captain for Le Théatre Kriens-Luzern.
She knows how much important is take care of your body to have a perfect awareness of it.


  • What boosts my life? Dance and love

  • What booster food/drink? Dry Fruits and Ginger

  • Chat with me in: Italian, English, ein bisschen Deutsch




Originally from Arizona, Monika has a Bachelor's degree in Health Science from Northern Arizona University. She then started to work in managerial roles in spas and fitness. In 2010, she moved to San Diego, CA and enjoyed 5 great years as a Studio Manager and Lagree Fitness trainer.
She simply has a passion for coaching and for creating fun and positive classes. She knows the Lagree Fitness Method like anyone else! Get ready to experience moves and combos that will make you shake as never!

Monika is certified in Lagree Fitness, Spinning, Mat Pilates, as well as a certified Personal Trainer (NCCPT).

  • Chat with me in: English





“Sports is my lifestyle!”

Tresor has been a successful professional basketball player for 17 years during which he played for several teams in Switzerland (Union Neufchatel; Fribourg) and around Europe. Today he shares his passion with younger players by training a junior basketball team and by working as a personal trainer, motivation & skills coach with young basketball talents. Basketball and sports in general have always been part of Tresor's life - it's his lifestyle! Sports has made him grow as a person and that is why he is so keen to share his knowledge and passion as he knows it can help others. And it's fun! 


  • What boosts my life? People, family & friends, Sport, food

  • What booster food/drink? Ginger And raspberry juice, sweet potatoes with rice and chicken

  • Chat with me in: English, French 


Alex B&WAlex

“Plank and Smile!”

Alex first began practicing Pilates to compliment her soccer and team sports training over twelve years ago. Since then, Pilates and Barre have grown into passions in and of themselves. The low-impact and high result characteristics of both methods have made them her preferred cross-training to support her climbing, nordic skiing and climbing pursuits, not to mention an excellent opportunity to listen to her favorite playlists. In addition to learning the Barre method in the United States, Alex has coached and run numerous adult and childrens sports teams. For Alex, any day with a class in a Booster studio is a great day! 


  • What boosts my life? My friends, my family and dancing.

  • What booster food/drink? Apple-turmeric juice and pecans

  • Chat with me in: English, German, Swiss German and some French





“Sweat. Smile. Repeat.”

Having grown up in South Africa, Dannalize has always lived a very active life. From achievements in Modern dancing to Karate and professionally playing Netball and Athletics, physical exercise has always been a big part of her life. When she started traveling for work, Yoga became her source of exercise. This broadened her understanding of the human body. She loves learning of new and exciting ways how to live your best life, physically and mentally.

She is passionate about living an active, healthy life and does it with a positive attitude.

Dannalize will help you achieve your fitness and body goals while enjoying her high energy classes.


  • What boosts my life? Family, Pilates, Traveling, Hiking and Skiing

  • What booster food/drink? Fruity smoothies to kick start my day

  • Chat with me in: English, Afrikaans, und ein bisschen Deutsch




“Key to mind & body happiness”

Sandrine's passion for fitness started as a student at university, where she found that working out gave her much more energy to face the long hours spent studying. It then helped her to better cope with the stress of a very demanding professional life. Always on the lookout for the next best thing, she's tried everything from step, body combat, hip hop, spinning, Pilates, TRX...until she discovered the Lagree Fitness method whilst living in London. She then converted her friends and her husband and practiced Lagree Fitness for 5 years before moving to Zurich. As they missed it so much, Sandrine and Damien decided to bring the method to Zurich.
Sandrine will help you push your limits and release all those happy endorphins that you get from a great workout.

  • What boosts my life? My husband and lovely daughter (including her amazing dance moves), fitness, sunshine, a challenge

  • What booster food/drink? Coffee; dim sum

  • Chat with me in: English, French, ein bisschen Deutsch





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