Discover the atmosphere of a class with Nathalie, and what she likes at Booster Pilates. Nathalie is one of our youngest client. What she likes most at Booster Pilates are the results on her body, the friendly and fun atmosphere and the feel good factor after each class!


Discover the atmosphere of a class with Maria, and what she likes at Booster Pilates. Maria was also one of our first client, and had her first class the day after our opening in June 2nd!



I am rather athletic and love a new challenge. When I found out about Booster Pilates, I was excited as it looked to provide a really unique workout that would push me in ways my other sports like basketball and tennis could not. Once I started, I was amazed at how challenging and interesting the workouts were. I have also grown to appreciate how much the core muscles and comprehensive body training impact your overall performance for other sports too. I feel much stronger, have better balance and control of my body, and am getting more flexible. As a more mature athlete, this is really fantastic as I find I am no longer sore or complaining of nagging back or joint pain. I also love Booster Pilates because I was able to bring my partner along and he greatly enjoys the workouts too. We have had Rachel and Lorraine and both are amazingly skillful and motivational instructors. When you first start they are so supportive and encouraging and they help build your fitness and confidence levels. Once you are more experienced, they are great at taking you to the next level also, so you never get bored and the workout is certainly never stale. I recommend this class to everyone I know, male or female. It is safe, low impact on the joints and delivers maximal cardiovascular and muscular returns on your time invested - all around a great way to get fit!

Michelle, 10.09.14



Booster is really great! The staff is super friendly and are great trainers. The location is really centric and Rachel, Lorraine and Marijana are amazing, They explain everything very well and make sure you are safe and confortable with the machine! I love Booster!!!!

Pia, 05.09.14



I love Booster Pilates, but I love the team more!!! You guys are amazing . Love xxx

Blandine, 14.07.14



Before I start my 50-minute workout, I am a little nervous wondering what Lorraine has planned for us today. Those megaformers are mega-intimidating. It looks like there’s A LOT to do. But, the all-over body workout is a helluva lot less complex than I imagine – it emphasises slow, controlled movements which I like, with minimum rest between sets (not as bad as it sounds) to keep the heart rate up. Just when you think you can’t hold a move any longer Lorraine changes onto the next exercise with a smile and a “come on, you can do it”. There’s planking (of the front-on and side-on kind), leg and arm extensions, lunging… so many combos, so little time to get bored. I’m not going to lie, it’s all hard. But the kind of hard where you feel the hurt and know you've done your body proud. After eight sessions I can see my body changing and I am thrilled and look forward to see the results after the next eight sessions. I have finally found something apart from dancing I LOVE TO DO, Thanks Booster Team!

Carole, 09.07.14



'I've done plenty of sporting activities over the years including Pilates (mat and machines), so when I heard about Booster Pilates, I was intrigued. I want to achieve leaner muscles, stay flexible but still strong and after my first session, I am convinced that I can reach this goal with Booster Pilates. Lorraine, the teacher, was absolutely brilliant. Everything was explained in detail, the studio is pleasant, the atmosphere relaxed and the music very motivating. Don't let this fool you though! The exercises are certainly challenging, your muscles will quiver but the exercises can be adapted to suit ability and possible past injuries. The movements are slow (which is the hard part!), quite graceful but with Lorraine's enthusiasm and guidance, it was a real pleasure to work hard! This morning I woke up and felt like I had worked lots of small muscles in my body that were pulling in the bigger ones! I will definitely be returning to Booster Pilates - what a fabulous way to get that body ready for the beach this summer!'

Emilie, 04.06.14.



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