An evolutionary approach to full body conditioning.


The Lagree Fitness workout is a Reformer Pilates-inspired strength, cardio and core training program.  


 It combines the sculpting & toning benefits of strength training with the therapeutic qualities of Pilates into a high intensity, low impact 50-minute workout.

Pilates + ?


The key principles of Pilates: correct postural alignment, breathing practice, centering and engaging the core, concentration and precision of controlled movements and increased flexibility.


Muscle dynamics


 Cardio intensity


Strong, lean and toned body.

  • The most intense and safe workout you will surely ever experience.


    Put simply, LAGREE FITNESS is the only workout that EFFECTIVELY combines Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Core and Flexibility training not only in one session but in each and every move.


    The body needs to reach a certain threshold of exercise intensity to stimulate the body’s adaptive changes. With this workout, you will reach very quickly the intensity threshold to effectively stimulate your muscles and to maximize the results.


    All muscle groups will be strengthened, from big to small, in a non-aggressive, no-impact manner making this workout as good for your muscles as it is for your joints.


    Less time,





  • Burn between 500-800 calories per 50-minute class.


    A more intense workout burns even more calories per minute, and results in a much stronger post-exercise reaction (post cardio effect).


    After a Booster Pilates workout, you will continue to burn calories for several hours after you leave!



  • Your body will thank you for:


    • Increasing muscle strength and endurance.

    • Improving flexibility.

    • Increasing cardio respiratory endurance.

    • Strengthening joints and skeletal system.

    • Strengthening the core and lower back muscles.

    • Improving your posture.

    • Boosting your energy and metabolism.

    • Changing your body composition.



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